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Apr. 27th, 2006 @ 07:53 pm Last Blog!!!
1. The most valuable aspect of this course to me, was that I was able to learn and read about a lot of different subjects because I was always forced to blog about something. Writing online made me ponder thoughts that had been resting in my head. I always feel that I am better able to express myself online, which I know sounds weird. However, I think it's because online, I actually think about what I want to say. When I blogged, I chose all my words carefully and made sure my point got across. When I speak in person, sometimes I feel like I want to say something, but there are no words to describe how I feel.
2.The most interesting thing I learned this semester was that people can actually make careers out of blogging! The amount of time people actually devote to blogging is unbelievable. To most college students, weblogging and online journals seem like just a hobby, but the fact that one can make money off it is really inspiring. It shows that you can make a job out of anything you love to do. It shows how endless the possibilities are.
3.Before entering this class, I did start blogging a little bit. I used blogspot.com because that's where all my cousins write their blogs. One of my cousins is really good at blogging and I always find his blogs to be very amusing. I can't say that I will continue blogging throughout the whole next school year, but I really do see myself sitting down over the summer and maybe posting something interesting that I've been thinking about. Blogging allows me to evaluate my lifestyle and my opinions, which sometimes I have a hard time getting a grasp of.
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