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Grades have been posted.


Unless you've experienced technical difficulties in getting your grades to me, they have been posted. If you have experienced technical difficulties, check your email, resend me your papers.

You all have been a wonderful class, and it shows. You've earned it. You've done a lot of great work; the research papers were a pleasure to read.

Keep on blogging!

Sad! :(

I am about to be depressed!

We only have one more week of school left!!!

I do not want to go home at all. I mean I love my friends and family at home, but I would rather stay up here with my new boy toy and all my new friends. I have so much fun in Knoxville. I do not want to leave a of it behind for three months.

This summer is going to be so weird. It's like going back to my old life. I am going to be hanging out with all the people that I used to be attached at the hip with, even though I haven't hung out with them much for like a year.

I am taking 7 hours of summer school in June, so that should take a lot of my time up. I am also planning on finding a job!


On another note, it has been great being in class with all of you! Ms. Devon you are a great teacher and made English 102 my favorite class of my entire freshman year. Thank-you for that!

Good Luck with exams everyone!
Too serious.

January 30th revision

The blog that I enjoy reading the most is a group here on livejournal. To take a gander at it you can click here or you can just read what i have to say about it. The blog is a community that was set up by fans of the band underOATH. They are a screamo christian band and they are one of my favorites. I don't think it really fits into any of the blog categories that we have studied such as notebook, filter, or a blog. People post to the blog with interests about the band, breaking news, or most of the time just rumors that people have heard. The most used rhetorical appeal used in the blog would be pathos because some of these people are fanatics. Take me for example, i like the band quite a bit and they have good music, but some of these people try to collect videos from every show of underOATH and stuff. It's crazy. Anyways, the audience is basically anyone who enjoys underOATH's music. I think it is worth a read because i enjoy the band's music so it is good to read about something that i enjoy. So go check it out and maybe check out the band as well, who knows you may like screamo stuff and never knew it.
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Too serious.

My last blog in the class...boo hoo

To start things off, this was the only English class that I have ever been interested in. To be honest, i don't really like english at all. So I think the most valuable aspect of taking this course is that it was something new, and it put a twist on the traditional english class that i could enjoy. We learned all kinds of things this semester, but i think the one thing that i appreciate the most, is that i was introduced to the author Joe the Peacock. I love his writing style and it is a book that i can actually enjoy reading. Like i said, i'm not an english enthusiast so i'm not a big reader, but his books may change that a bit. As for the future of my livejournal blog, it will probably be deleted. I don't know many people on here and i doubt if my friends are going to want to open up an account. HOWEVER, i will continue to post regular blogs on my myspace page which i have a large number of friends that will read them. So yes i will continue blogging, just not on this particular site. All in all, i had a great time in this class learning about blogging and also reading all of the blogs that my classmates posted. You all had some great things to say and sometimes some boring things to say, but either way it was good to read what my peers were writing about.
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This is really late I know but heres my proposal

For my research project, I have decided to present the argument that video games can and are being used for purposes other than recreational use. This generation is the most technological reliant generation in the history of mankind. We use technology for the most necessary of tasks. Now, the fastest growing business market in mass marketing is video games. But video games are being tested for much more than their original intended use. Experiments are being conducted in schools around the world trying to prove if the use of video games in educational curriculums to improve grades. So far the results are very encouraging. Video Games are also being developed by the United States military to train soldiers and teach them battlefield strategies, on the field technology, and counter attacks in different scenarios.
In this project, I am employing academic research as well as experiment notes and results, an even an interview. I have studied a few of the many experiments around the world that are testing video games and their impact on education. I also have researched a very large portion of information in literary works on similiar subjects by respected authors. I hope to express the views shared by a growing number of respected researchers. The view that video games can be used for various educational purposes, not just to use for killing time.
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comment on presentation

I thought the presentation on steroids was very informative and actually very startling. I knew the effects of steroids from what coaches and trainers told me, but the pictures showed me a whole other side to the horrible extreme cases of roid using.

Last Blog...Hells Yes!


1. What was the most valuable aspect of taking this course?
2. What was the most interesting thing you learned this semester?
3. What do you see in the future for your blog? (Will it continue? Will you delete it? etc.)

Well the most valuable aspect of taking this course would have to be the progress I have made as writer. I am now so much more open and confident with my writings. I know I would never be at this point as a writer if it weren't for this course. The most interesting thing I learned this semester was...well I guess blogs. I had no idea they even existed until this class and now I have become a very accustomed to blogger. Blogs have set me free and I am so glad I learned what they are, how they work, and what I can gain from them. I haven't decided if I will continue writing in my blog. I mean it definitely motivated me to write in it when it was required and for a grade but I'm not sure if I will on my own or not yet. I guess it depends on how things go or if I have enough time. If anything happens that I have to share you can be sure to find it on here because those things are what I love sharing most with fellow bloggers. Other than that I see myself as just being a spontaneous blogger that goes on and off just when I have the time and material. Not to bad of a hobby if you ask me.
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Revised Unit 2 Assignment

The attacks on September 11th, 2001, were some of the most horrific and heart wrenching moments in American history. That Tuesday will probably be remembered forever, written down in the pages of history books for future generations to read about much like our generation reads about the Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor that sparked the United States into World War II. It had a defining impact on the daily lives of everyone in our country, including the huge increase of blog postage about the attack on the web. New Yorker David Wertheimer posted a blog on
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The attacks on September 11th, 2001, were some of the most horrific and heart wrenching moments in American history. That Tuesday will probably be remembered forever, written down in the pages of history books for future generations to read about much like our generation reads about the Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor that sparked the United States into World War II. It had a defining impact on the daily lives of everyone in our country, including the huge increase of blog postage about the attack on the web. New Yorker David Wertheimer posted a blog on <www.netwart.com/ideapad/sept11_me> that gives us a firsthand account and look at the impact it had on New Yorkers on the days including and immediately following September 11th.
David witnessed firsthand and in person the tragedies of 9/11. He gives us an emotional, detailed, sorrowful story of how many lives were affected in the general area of ground zero, where the two towers once stood. David wishes to inform us with his blog about the true chaos and heartfelt sorrow and grief that flooded New York on that eventful day. David tells of the panic that engulfed him and his family as they worried about the safety of each other, and explains the difficulty to reach loved ones due to the chaos going on in the streets. He shares how much everyone was affected; even his brother's roommate had an office in the World Trade Center. David tells how businesses closed so everyone could stand in the streets and watch the Towers burn, then collapse. Later on in the evening, stories start coming in of people David knew. There were stories about coworkers whose husbands were trapped in the towers and couldn't get out or how they haven't heard from family members in hours who worked at the Trade Center. David explains how he stayed strong, trying to support his friends without breaking down in emotions.
In the following days, David tells of how life slowly tried to turn back to normal, but it was near impossible and the sheer weight of grief, sorrow, and mourning "hung over the city". Smoke covers the city, infecting just about every home with the smell of burnt "rubber and steel and paper and plastic and tears and life". He imagines the smell of burnt flesh, from the smoldering ruins and wreckage of the nightmare just downtown. The wind blows the stench and smoke to every corner of New York. David also shares how it is hard to go anywhere; bus stations, subways, tunnels all close and open at random. These bomb threats were almost as random a numerous. The rain "smothers the good humor that began hinting around".
David feels ashamed for doing anything except mourning, even going on the internet and looking up baseball. He states he "doesn't eat right, sleep right, and even think right" and feels that most people in New York are the same way. To try to recover some normalcy in his life, he and his fiancée Amy go out one night. They notice the emptiness of the streets and the nonexistence of New York's famed traffic. On the way home, they crossed Union Square and the brief happiness they had for that evening quickly subsided on the scene they encountered. Thousands of candles and tributes lined the Square, in tribute to those who lost their lives in the buildings. Pictures of fire trucks and policemen were hung on the fence posts, in memory of the rescue workers who lost their lives saving others. All the emotions from nearly a week and a half that were built up in David quickly were brought back. David, overcome with the emotions, finally broke down and wept with Amy. "10 days of strength, of consoling friends and loved ones, were all I had", he said.
The emotions were evident in David’s blog. He allows us to see, in a first person view, the panic and chaos that surrounded the streets on 9/11, along with the sadness, grief, and sorrow following in the days after. The details are very descriptive, allowing us to form a very visual image in our minds of the events that will forever be etched in American history. David is just one of the many hundreds of people when felt this tragedy first hand, even though it affected everyone in the country sooner or later.
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