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May. 2nd, 2006 @ 11:34 am My last blog in the class...boo hoo
Current Location: In my dorm room
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To start things off, this was the only English class that I have ever been interested in. To be honest, i don't really like english at all. So I think the most valuable aspect of taking this course is that it was something new, and it put a twist on the traditional english class that i could enjoy. We learned all kinds of things this semester, but i think the one thing that i appreciate the most, is that i was introduced to the author Joe the Peacock. I love his writing style and it is a book that i can actually enjoy reading. Like i said, i'm not an english enthusiast so i'm not a big reader, but his books may change that a bit. As for the future of my livejournal blog, it will probably be deleted. I don't know many people on here and i doubt if my friends are going to want to open up an account. HOWEVER, i will continue to post regular blogs on my myspace page which i have a large number of friends that will read them. So yes i will continue blogging, just not on this particular site. All in all, i had a great time in this class learning about blogging and also reading all of the blogs that my classmates posted. You all had some great things to say and sometimes some boring things to say, but either way it was good to read what my peers were writing about.
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