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May. 2nd, 2006 @ 11:44 am January 30th revision
Current Music: Of course...underOATH
The blog that I enjoy reading the most is a group here on livejournal. To take a gander at it you can click here or you can just read what i have to say about it. The blog is a community that was set up by fans of the band underOATH. They are a screamo christian band and they are one of my favorites. I don't think it really fits into any of the blog categories that we have studied such as notebook, filter, or a blog. People post to the blog with interests about the band, breaking news, or most of the time just rumors that people have heard. The most used rhetorical appeal used in the blog would be pathos because some of these people are fanatics. Take me for example, i like the band quite a bit and they have good music, but some of these people try to collect videos from every show of underOATH and stuff. It's crazy. Anyways, the audience is basically anyone who enjoys underOATH's music. I think it is worth a read because i enjoy the band's music so it is good to read about something that i enjoy. So go check it out and maybe check out the band as well, who knows you may like screamo stuff and never knew it.
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