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Early Risers

Section 23
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We are an English 102 class at the University of Tennessee; our teacher is Miss Devon. We meet every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and are called the early risers because we have to get up at nine o'clock on each of those days.

Our class is full of different people. Each person has a different story, a different background. Most are from Tennessee, but a few are from all over the United States. Some people are quiet while others are very extroverted. Some people went to giant high schools while others went to a school with about 400 people. A few classmates are in frats and sororities.

A lot of people on the blog enjoy sleeping, athletics and movies. Most everyone looks forward to meeting new people, hanging out and relaxing. I think it would be fair to say that all of us are aiming towards being successful in life, where ever that may take us.

Primarily, we are a laid-back class producing self-expression weblogs, but we are working to professionalize our writing styles throughout this semester. The audience is geared primarily to our peers and anyone else who is interested in reading blogs of college students.